There come’s a time in every artists career where you finish a body of work and then you sort of step back and say:

“Okay…what do I make next?”

We really don’t stay put and settle because as an artist, our skill and artwork just has to keep going up. We are always discovering new ideas and ways to create which is a great thing. Until you just have days where you get stuck!

Call it an artist block but I have days where I go in my studio/home and just create work that isn’t triggering anything. It can be a little bit frustrating.

A lot of people I know tell me to just take a break and stop for a while (which I mean come on who does that!?). So instead of stopping completely, I put my camera down and started painting again. It’s a way for my to channel my creativity in another way.

But the moment I started to make paintings and just posting them up on my social media, an artist friend said to me

“Kim you can’t just flip flop from one art medium to another. It’ll make you look like an amateur, like you don’t know what you’re doing.”

This made me think “What does it matter? I’m just creating art!”

It turns out that there are numerous of people and articles out proclaiming exactly what my friend said. How artists need to stick to one medium, perfect that one medium and cannot flip flop or no one will take you seriously. Especially if you are trying to break through the art world.

But isn’t the whole process of art about self expression, regardless of the medium? Some artists I know are mixed medium and play with all different outlets of art. So my question is when did sticking to one medium made you look like a professional?

What are your thoughts about this?

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