Most of the work that I have been focusing on is photography related and I absolutely love it!

I really pushed me to use technology since I really love to focus on sketching and painting. I first started my art journey through painting and I developed everything form there. But when it came to photography and using photoshop – that was a huge challenge for me to face. And I’d like to think that I am doing an awesome job (let me know what you think haha!)

But lately I have just been itching to go back to the basics and dive deep through painting and sketching. For some reason, there is this huugggeeee rumor going around that an artist has to choose one type of medium for their entire art career…and I think that is just stupid.

An artist can create anything from the materials around them!

At least that was what I was taught and brought up to be. Not to mention I get easily bored with using the same medium from time and time again. So I dug up some of my old pieces from my sketching days that I thought would be great to share with you:

As I was going through these images, I felt like I was dusting off some oldies and it made me more excited to create new works of art.

Going back to the basics and following fundamentals can sometimes be a drag, but they can also be a way for you to take a step back and remember why you started working in the first place: Because you love it!

I cannot wait to make new works to share with you!

Now it’s your time to shine!

What do you think about “dusting off oldies” in your life?