I’m breaking out of my shell.

After years of writing on my blog and posting things regarding my work and life, I realized something different. Not just in the readability, but in the world around me. Everything is evolving, everything is changing. And if you can’t evolve with the world around you, you begin to fade away.

For a while I never wanted to start a podcast. I would think of podcasts as something that only high profile people would do. Also, I have a huge fondness for the written word and love to write things but after looking up and seeing the world with new eyes I knew I needed to change. Not necessarily change for the worse or for the better but I needed to evolve. I needed to get out of my comfort zone.

Thus began the podcast by yours truly called Deep Magic.

The podcast will be exactly like the blog that I’ve been up-keeping since the early 2000’s. I’ll be talking about my work, events, upcoming pieces, and the life of an artist. I really want to be honesty and have all the integrity of what it means to live the life of an artist in a technological world that is constantly evolving. Even though I have an old soul I know deep down that I need to branch out…which is terrifying haha.

I named the podcast Deep Magic because to me all artists are magical. To me they are witches and the medium they use is their spell work. They have the ability to take nothing and turn it into something. Artists can see the world in ways no one else can see and can unify us with a painting or a photograph.

Of course I will still use this blog to post events, articles, and any news for you to follow but I would love for you to check the podcast out and let me know what you think.

Click on this link and check out Deep Magic in Apple Podcasts! or you can go to the menu on top and click on Podcast.

I’ll be seeing you around!