Has anyone ever told you that you are “suppose” to be at a certain point in your life?

Here is an example: When you’re dating someone for a long period of time, the questions that’s asked is “When are you getting married?”. When you graduate college: “When are you getting a job?”. When you get your first drivers license: “When are you getting a car?”

All of these questions about what you are suppose to be doing in your life pop up because life equals progression. As human beings we are constantly looking forward to what the future holds and where we want to be in the next couple of years. However for an artist, this concept can be a bit different.

When I was growing up and researching all of my artist icons, I realized that most of them live for their work. I sometimes think of my work as my baby because I spend a huge amount of time with it. My work is always evolving into something bigger and better. I know that sounds a little bit silly but a lot of artists can relate to what I feel about my work. I absolutely love it!

So when I reached my mid twenties, the questions began to pop up: When are you getting married?, When are you having children?, You’re getting older you should start having a family!

The pressure of having a family starts to build more and more and when I tell people that I am still focusing on my career right now….I get blank stares. Are women who choose art more then family life considered bad or selfish? When did we have to choose one or the other? Do female artists always have to be the one making the ultimate choice between the career baby and the actual baby?

Male artists are more then likely to be praised for their work because they’ve decided to live a family free career. But for female artists to choose that lifestyle, they are considered selfish, self absorbed and lonely. It’s crazy! I praise the women who chooses whatever they want: whether that’s to leave art for the family, the art over the family or to have both. That is their choice and what makes them happy! It shouldn’t be timed and it shouldn’t be judged.

As for my and my life decisions, here is my rebuttal: I love my artwork with so much passion; it’s who I am. And I know that I will one day have children. That doesn’t mean that I am going to prepare for a family tomorrow because I still have things that I want to accomplish. But when it happens it will happen on MY TERMS.

What do you think? Can you relate to this? Let me know in the comments below!

Till next time my fellow artist,