Massachusetts has a special place in my heart.

For a state that is somewhat far from where I am located, it’s a whole different world.There is such a perfect mixture of history and present culture in every street which was very fascinating. Coming from New York where things are constantly changing and gentrification is very large, Massachusetts is different.

It’s a place that’s found a happy medium between the past and the present.

It resonated with me so much because as human beings we are always focused on what is new. We forget about the past and just focus on improving day by day that we don’t acknowledge or honor our past experiences. Massachusetts send out a message that they are¬†accepting of the past and will not change it but instead use it to enhance their future.

If you ever wanted to go exploring without going out of the US, this is the place to go!

Let me know your thoughts on these photos in the comments below. Hope this inspires you to go out there and look at things in a whole new light.

Til next time,