For about three years, I’ve had the pleasure of being a roller derby athlete.

Every time I tell people that I play roller derby, a bunch of questions come my way: Really, roller derby? Does that mean you punch women in the face? Does it hurt? Aren’t you afraid you will get hurt? Are you crazy? Do you know how dangerous that is?

I started roller derby at a very difficult time in my life.

I just got out of a bad relationship, I didn’t really have a lot of friends and my fitness level was non-existent. Safe to say that I was very depressed and lonely. One day my sister told me that she was going to try a beginner roller derby class and asked for me to come with her.

At first, I thought she was insane but being the awesome sister I am, I went to the beginner class and loved every second! Once I moved, I found a local league and started my journey into becoming a derby athlete.

I say athlete because these women really ARE athletes: practicing three days out of the week, attending local community events and traveling to play away games or as they call them “bouts”. These women are teachers, nurses, full-time mothers, office administrators, college students, and more.

I truly believe this sport saved me and helped me get my life back!

Roller Derby is a community or a “sisterhood” of acceptance and self love. It’s a place where you leave all the stresses of your every day life and focus on one thing: skating. Not only do you get the best workout of your life but you meet the most amazing and authentic people. It’s allowed me to embrace my body and admire how awesome it is at what it can do.

I’ve had the honor of taking these amazing portraits of these awesome and powerful women!

To see the photos and to check out these ladies in action, check out their website or you can follow them on Instagram.

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