You ever had days where you just get tired of the same old thing every day?

You just wake up one morning and think to yourself: “Let’s make some changes!”

There are times where you decide that you want to change something about yourself and your life.

You want to feel better about yourself!

For some of the women I know, they want to look and feel amazing. So they do their hair more, they take longer showers or they apply different types of make-up.

And for most of my clients, it’s a whole day of bringing out your best features and having a beautiful photo session with me.

There are others, myself included, who decide to start on a new path in life to better yourself like exercising more, tracking what you eat, adding more personal time for yourself or starting a brand new career.

But the moment you decide to change anything, something happens.

You get excited about doing something amazing so you tell your friends and family:

Your friends and family don’t like it.

So because they suddenly not like what you are doing, you start to feel down on yourself and think “Hmm maybe I should stop.”

You try to make them see the good side in this new adventure of yours but they just don’t see it. Instead they just look at you and think “That isn’t you.”

This the main reason why women feel like they aren’t worth of being in front of my camera.

They don’t feel like they are worth it or they think that it’s silly to get all gussied up and pose for the camera. That it’s such a stupid thing to want to have a great photo of themselves.

And whenever my client begins to feel like cloud of guilt and unworthiness, I sit down with them and give them the secret. The secret to how I live my life and how many other photographers, celebrities and influential leaders live.

Here is the secret:

There will be people that will never understand you.

You are going to have moments where you want to live life for the better, and people will not like it.

There are going to be friends and family who are so use to your old ways and seeing you as such a downer, that the moment you start to bring your head up from the clouds and make some changes for the better it is going to throw them off guard.

And so what!

This is your life and you are beautiful here and now.

If we all lived a life listening to what others thought about us or thinking that they know what is best for us, our world would be a totally different place.

So I tell my clients to continue the shoot and if they don’t purchase the prints at the end of the day, at least they had their moment in the light.

That they did something that felt right for them. And that feeling is priceless!

 Now it’s your time to shine!

How do you plan on living your life for you? What changes are you willing to make let your inner beauty out?

I’d love to hear your story!

With love,