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Ever had that stage fright feeling of everyone staring at you…and you’re in your underwear?

That’s how some of my clients feel when they come to my studio. What’s interesting is that the majority of them are women, and they are absolutely gorgeous! And when I say gorgeous, I mean full on natural beauty gorgeous.

What’s “natural beauty” gorgeous?

After working with different photographers, there are a lot of definitions and perspectives on what natural beauty is. My own personal meaning in the beginning was to photograph a model with zero make-up on!

“No make-up! The audacity! How the heck can you shoot people without any make-up on?”

Oh yes I hear that big time! While working as a freelance photographer for modeling agencies, it was absolutely essential for every model (male and female) to have their make-up and hair done.

Even if the shoot was an “all natural shoot”, the make-up artists were up and ready to do their job. But after I left and I began to start my own business, I realized the definition needed an upgrade.

Natural beauty is when someone embraces who they are, flaws and all.

Every morning I use to watch my mother put her make-up on before she went to work and thought that was one of those defining moments of being a woman. As I got older and began to do the same ritual before I went to work, I realized the meaning behind it all.

Women are all taught that putting on make-up is “sexy” when it actuality it is just hiding. And once I started saying that, I got a lot of good and bad responses.

A lot of women would never dare to walk out the door without applying make-up.

There was a time when I stopped putting on make-up and I could definitely tell the difference. If I were to tell my mother or sister to walk out the door without make-up they would look at like I was crazy! And when I started asking my clients to pose without make-up on, I got the same reaction!

Then I realized how vulnerable it is for women to go outside without any make-up on. It really feels like you are naked! And for a woman to walk outside naked (or feel like you only have your underwear on), it’s supper nerve wrecking!

No matter how many times I can tell someone they look beautiful just the way they are, it won’t get through. And in a way, it’s easy for me to say this to my clients because I’m the one behind the camera.

So here I am, in front of the camera flaws and all!

kimberly patino


And now I challenge you to do the same!

Get naked, show those natural faces and embrace your flaws. Because that is what separates you from the rest of the world – that is what makes you special!

Leave a comment below and let me know when was the last time you walked out without anything covering your natural beauty?

I’d love to hear your story!

Til next time – rockin’ the naked face 🙂 ,