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As an artist it’s important for me to always keep working.

Whether you have a full-time job, traveling all over the world or just walking around your neighborhood – it’s always vital to keep working on your art. The thing that can be tricky though is what if you have no where to go or lost inspiration? 

Sometimes it can feel like there is literally nothing to shoot, especially if I’m in the same place and see the same things day in and day out. I take my camera and I just don’t bother clicking on the button because I took that shot before, which then leads to lack of inspiration. But if you try and broaden your mind and look at the same environment differently, you may find things that surprise you!

Once day I was walking around in my neighborhood and I saw this tree stump which really didn’t have anything special about it. It’s just a regular tree stump but the way it was cut made me realize if I were to angle it a different way it might look cool. So I took a photo and then another and then another. Suddenly I became the weird looking woman going in weird poses trying to find the shot that I wanted and believe me I tried a whole bunch of them

Here are some sample images:


I just couldn’t get the shot I was looking for and I started to get agitated. So I sat on the ground, continued to shoot and positioned the camera in a different way. It brought the image into a whole different perspective and in the end I took a photo that I was proud of.

Here is the final piece:


So what I want YOU to try this week is go to the same place you’ve been in your neighborhood and see it with different eyes. Stay inspired and open your mind, be optimistic and look at everything around you.

I promise you will see something that you’ve never seen before.

Til next time,


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