KIMBERLY PATINO is a photography and visual art platform, created and curated by Kim Delarosa.

Kim Delarosa is an American photographer and visual artist. She received her BA in 2013 from Hunter College, where she studied literary criticism and fine art photography. Kimberly began her career at portrait photography company Glamour Shots where she honed her skills.

With a focus on portraiture and artistic imagery, Kimberly’s work addresses topics like identity, body image, and the relationship between Americanism and her Hispanic roots. She’s exhibited in solo and group shows to include: The Greenpoint Gallery, The 440 Gallery, The Bowery House, The Harrison Public Library, and the One River School of Art and Design.

Her work has been published in various mediums including ARTSNEWS, Feature Shoot, Canon, and Adobe’s Twitter. She currently lives outside of New York City with her husband, their son, and three black cats.