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Everyone is searching for that same dream.

The dream of one day having the freedom to do whatever it is that they want.

But for most people, that is all it will ever be: a dream. Some cower away thinking that they are too old or it’s too late for them to even have dreams of their own. The train has left and they would look stupid trying to run after it.

But the difference between those people and creatives like you and I….is that we go for it anyway!

Today, I had the privileged of sitting down with William De La Rosa, an upcoming landscape photographer who opened my eyes on how to view my images and how it is never ever too late to find your own personal freedom.

Thank for being here!

Of course

So introduce yourself, whats your full name?

My full name is William N. De La Rosa

When did you start photography?

That’s kind of a tricky question. I can try and think back to the days where I use to like snapping pictures of my car, but I never really thought of taking it up professionally. Then I can also answer you in a way where I bought myself a professional camera most recently back in May of this year and started snapping away at life.

So professionally, you started photography this year?

Yepp. But I’ve always had an interest in shooting.

What made you decide to go this route, was it something that you saw or read?

Since I was a kid, I’ve had wallpapers and posters of a lot of vistas. And I always thought to myself that maybe one day I can take these pictures too!

Why landscape?

Well when people say landscape what do they think: they think large vistas right? Wide open areas. That doesn’t necessarily have to be. Landscapes could be a smaller scope. I’ve always liked the way certain things looked in light: certain metals, dilapidated buildings, stuff that I love to take photos of.

will de la rosa photography

A still scene that had movement in it before, could still have movement in it, but I find beauty in something that’s still. The landscape is already there for me to frame how I please…if I can. And I don’t have to touch it. If I find it to be beautiful then I’ll take a picture, hopefully to keep it in memory and to share it with anyone else who might like it.

What made you start photography now? Because you’ve always had an interest in doing it and always had images that you kept. Is there a reason why you started now and not sooner?

From my past history, certain people and beings had enabled me to sort of look outside of the box and outside of my norm. And photography was one of those things. Taking photos, grabbing a camera and having that sense of freedom that I always thought that everyone should have. That I know that I need.

Is art a source of freedom?

Oh most definitely! That’s the thing too: art could be whatever it is that you like it to be. And it can be awesome to share that with people that have that same mentality.

Did you have any other passions besides photography? What were you doing before?

No I didn’t have any other passions. It was just something that I picked up. I’ve never dealt with an SLR, I never knew what that type of camera was capable of. I didn’t have any form of schooling I just picked it up and rolled with it.

Which is cool because your images are beautiful. As if you went to school for them, but that wasn’t the case. You just had a passion for it and continued to learn as you go.

That’s the thing: I like for it to be hands on instead of sitting behind a desk and learning. I mean it’s cool to learn the history of what your passion is…but for me it just stems together with that whole mentality of having the freedom of going to do whatever it is that you please and you love doing it.

will de la rosa photography

I don’t do this to be compensated for it, I do it because I feel like maybe my photo will make a cool poster one day and someone will like it. And if they like it, cool! If not, cool too! Haha!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to be able to find their personal freedom, like how do they begin, what are the steps to take, etc.?

Hmmm…I really don’t know. I can’t even explain it myself haha! I just go with the flow and I take a photo that I feel is awesome. I guess that is something that I would tell someone: just go with what you feel is awesome.

And forget about trying to be accepted by anyone, trying to have your work accepted by anyone because in the end its YOUR work. It’s what you feel is great and if it makes you happy (which it should!) then that’s all that matters. And the more you have that come across, the easier it will be.

For more info on William De La Rosa, visit

Now it’s your time to shine!

In the comments below, tell me how you can find your personal freedom and how you are going to start today! And as always, be an awesome creative and share this with your friends!

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