For those of you who know me by now, one of my all-time heroes is Willy Wonka!

Not the Johnny Depp horrific epic failure Wonka (sorry Burton I’m a fan of your work…but this wasn’t my cup of tea). I’m talking about the original one from the book written by Ronald Dahl. Then when Gene Wilder turned this amazing inventor into a real life person on the big screen, my excitement grew even more!

To some people, Willy Wonka may seem kind of cooky and there are time where the things that he says and does will look a little crazy. But I truly and honestly believe in his philosophy that to create your world all you have to do is look around you!

You all must have heard the famous Wonka song from the 1970’s film called “Paradise”, but just incase you don’t remember the words here’s a recap:

If you want to view paradise, simple look around and view it. Anything you want to, do it. Want to change the world…there’s nothing to it.

I believe that inspiration and imagination can be found by the things around you! You can take movies, books, music, memories, anything that triggers something awesome inside of you and turn it into your very own.

The slogan for Wonka candy is “Feed Your Imagination” and it dawned on me that so many people have awesome and vivid imaginations…but don’t know how to trigger them or bring them to life.

So here are some tips that I personally use on a day to day basis that will help bring your inner world into reality:

1. What do you love?

This is of course an awesome step. Anything that you truly loovveee whether it’s a band, a book, a film, a song, etc. Whatever it is, look / listen to it again. Emerge yourself into that one thing without thinking about any outside thoughts. Just be present and in the moment with your favorite thing and remember the feelings that you have.

2. What do you NOT like?

Believe it or not, this step is very important. A lot of the times people say that you should focus on the things that you love. But we also have to make sure about the things that we do not like and know why we don’t. For example, I don’t like avacado because I just think it’s just too mushy for me. And I don’t like the color pink because I just don’t have any feelings or attachment to it. So because I know I don’t like this, I can focus on my own style and the things that I love.

3. Let It Out!

A lot of people think that they have to go to school or to be born as a creative person or have imagination. And that is not the case at all! I know that every person on the planet is capable of creativity and channeling their imagination , they just haven’t triggered it yet. So whenever you have an idea or something that you think would be awesome, write it down. Draw it out. Make a voice memo. Just make sure you get it out so that you can go back and see it. Also so that you won’t forget!

Give these a try and let me know what you come up with!

Also if you know anyone you think who has a little trouble trying to get into their creative side, share it! You never know 🙂

Till next time – keep creating,