If you’ve ever felt like an outsider your entire life – this is for you! 

I was born with the “weird gene”. My mother would say that I am the “weird” one in my family who has outrageous imaginations; that I’m just simply crazy. I have always felt out of place at home and in school so it’s safe to say the social part of my childhood years was lacking big time.

As a kid I never really related to anyone around me and most of the kids in school would call me the weird girl that draws a lot. But this era of isolation gave me the opportunity to create a world of my own, and in my world I was pretty awesome.

In my world, I rode to school on a purple and black unicorn. I had friends who were skeletons wearing bell-bottoms and if any of my bullies came around to pick on me, all I had to do was snap my fingers for a huge hold to appear below them so that they can fall down into the abyss of the stupid. Oh yes, such fond memories of my imaginary world.

And it is because of this little method that I created for me to feel less lonely, I started creating my art.

My weirdness is my talent!

So for those of you who feel like you are just too weird and need to conform, here are some tips to think about before you make that ridiculous decision:

1. Weirdness = Independence

A lot of the time when you do things that are the exact opposite from what everyone else wants, the immediate response is “Ugh you’re so weird!“. What they really mean is “Ugh you’re so different and have a mind of your own that it’s just gross because I don’t have a mind of my own and you’re reminding me of that so stop it!” Being weird is a sign of character, of independence, of having a mind of your own! Embrace it!

2. It Makes You Stronger!

For the people who are just like everyone else, life it handed to them on a silver platter. They don’t go through challenges because they are just rolling with the punches…but not you. You are a dreamer, a visionary and you have a path of your own. Which means you are going to go through some hard moments in life (this is a goo thing!) but it will shape the person that you will become. You will be strong like bull!

3. You Are A Born Leader!

Look back through history and see all of the iconic leaders that you admire. Notice what they all have in common? They were different. They went against the grain and according to the people around them, they were crazy or weird. But you see without the crazy, the weirdos, the outcasts and the different…we wouldn’t have leaders. The fact that you have your own voice and your own opinions about life is such a rare quality that usually develops over time. You on the other hand were born with it.

See how cool you look now? 🙂

Now it’s your time to shine!

In the comments below, tell me what is a weird quality that you have? Do you daydream all the time like I do? How can you see your different traits or “weird”habits as a positive quality to have? The best place to share is in the comments below.

And if you know anyone who is having a hard time being different, send this blog their way. We werdos have to stick together <3

Til next time,