One of the many things that have tried to accomplish was the beautiful and magical sun star.

Sun stars are rays of light that come out into the shape of a star. This trick an be done with any shining light whether it is a street light or the sun. A lot of beginning photographers tend to struggle with this and consider it a somewhat “experienced” level photographer. But I believe you can definitely master this and create these sun stars in your photography by practicing these simple tips and tricks:

1. First – Protect Your Eyes!

While you are trying to achieve this trick, it is going to take a couple of tries to master. Within those trial and error shots, make sure you’re doing this in the safest way possible. Meaning if you are looking at the sun to try and master this – wear sunglasses. The sun is incredibly strong and the last thing you need is to slowly damage your vision.

2. All About The Aperture

This is the trick: the aperture or F Stop on your camera needs to be at the smallest setting, ideally at F 22. After you completed that step, match the shutter speed to the aperture for a perfect exposure (this is when you might need a tripod). And viola – that is literally it!

3. Hide Behind The Light 

If you are planning on using the sun as your subject for this trick, instead of staring directly at the sun try partially blocking the light from the sun for a dramatic effect. Not only would it look beautiful, but by blocking part of the light source using trees, buildings, or other objects, the star effect looks more pronounced.

And that it! Let me know how your images come out and I hope to see some incredibly sunstars!

Til next time,