The Simple Trick To Believe In Your Imagination Again!

Do you remember the days when you were a child and how life was so simple?

I like having those conversations with my loved ones because we reminisce on old childhood memories. And after going through some of my own, I realize why people think they their childhood was simple: because we had less responsibility & our minds were filled with imagination! (more…)

Top 3 Tips On Embracing Your Weirdness In The Normal World

Top 3 Tips On Embracing Your Weirdness In The Normal World

If you’ve ever felt like an outsider your entire life – this is for you! 

I was born with the “weird gene”. My mother would say that I am the “weird” one in my family who has outrageous imaginations; that I’m just simply crazy. I have always felt out of place at home and in school so it’s safe to say the social part of my childhood years was lacking big time. (more…)

Why It’s Great To Go Back To The Basics

Why It’s Great To Go Back To The Basics

Most of the work that I have been focusing on is photography related and I absolutely love it!

I really pushed me to use technology since I really love to focus on sketching and painting. I first started my art journey through painting and I developed everything form there. But when it came to photography and using photoshop – that was a huge challenge for me to face. And I’d like to think that I am doing an awesome job (let me know what you think haha!) (more…)

How To Be Selfish Without Being Sleazy!

How To Be Selfish Without Being Sleazy!

One of the traits/faults that I personally struggle with on a day to day basis is giving.

How can giving be a fault?

When I was a kid, I became an automatic giver. It made me feel good knowing that I made someones day brighter in a world full of stress and despair. So I like to make sure that my loved ones are always happy and I give up my time and (more…)

Stuck In The Present? Here’s How You Can Live Your Dream Now!

Have you ever just wanted to have a fresh new start and to begin again as a new you?

I’ve felt that way in my life for years! To just one day pack up my things, leave everything behind and start a fresh life as the person I want to become instead of what others want me to be. Sometimes it is the easiest decision for people to make, and for others it takes courage just to take the first step. (more…)

Top 3 Tips On Embracing Your Weirdness In The Normal World

Why Spring Cleaning Isn’t For Me

This is the time of year of throwing away things!

Spring cleaning to a lot of people is a cleanse-filled time. It’s when you just throw away things that you don’t want anymore and leave space for something new and better.

When I was younger I use to hate spring cleaning (I mean what kid ever liked cleaning anyway haha!). But as the years flew by I realized…….I still hate it haha! (more…)